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Tekster til Godzilla
af Eminem

Uh, you're a monster

I can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I feel like Godzilla
Better hit the deck like the card dealer
My whole squad's in here, walkin' around the party
A cross between a zombie apocalypse and a wife beater
Rain beatin' which is probably the
Same reason I wrestle with mania
Shady's in this bitch, I'm positive
Considerate it to cross me
A costly mistake if they sleepin' on me though
Hoes better get insomnia, ADHD, hydroxycut
Pass the crevasia
In AA, with an AK, melee, finna set it like a playdate
Better vacate, retreat like a vacay, mayday
This beat is cray-cray, Ray J, h-a, h-a, h-a
Laughin' all the way to the bank, I spray flings
They cannot tame or placate the

You get in my way? I'ma feed you to the monster
I'm normal during the day, but at night turn to a monster
When the moon shines like ice road truckers
I look like a villain outta those blockbusters
Godzilla, fire spitter, a monster
Hood, I look good, on the Louis V. carpet
Fire, Godzilla, fire, monster
Blood, I'm the best one on the Louis V. carpet

I'm just a product of Slick Rick, at Onyx, told 'em lick the balls
Had 'em just appalled that so many things that pissed them off
It's impossible to list them off
And in the midst of all this, I'm in a mental hospital with a crystal ball
Tryna see, will I still be like this tomorrow?
Risked it all but all voices whisper
My fist is far back against the wall, pencil drawn
This is just the song to go ballistic on
You just pulled a pistol on the guy with the missile launcher
I'm just the Lochness, the mythological
Quick to tell a bitch to go off like a fifth of Vodka
When you twist the top of the bottle, I'm a

You get in my way? I'ma feed you to the monster
I'm normal during the day, but at night turn to a monster
When the moon shines like ice road truckers
I look like a villain outta those blockbusters
Godzilla, fire spitter, a monster
Hood, I look good, on the Louis V. carpets
Fire, Godzilla, fire, monster
Blood, I'm the best one on the Louis V. carpets

If you never gave a damn, raise your hand
'Cause I'm about to set a trip, vacation plans
At one point, like Myan exits, or you'll never regret this

Dance like a motherufckin' finger, ringer, prostate exam
How can I have all these fans but perspire like a liar's pants, I'm on fire
And I got no plans to retire and I'm still the man you admire
These chicks are spazzin', now I only get more handsome and flyer
I got 'em passin' out like what you do, when you hear someone flyer
What goes around comes around just like the blades on the chainsaw
'Cause I caught the flaps of my Dallas stacks right off the bat like a baseball
Like kidding, bitch I got them racks with so much ease that they call me Diddy
'Cause I make bands and I call getting cheese a cakewalk
Bitch I'm a player, I'm too motherfuckin' stingy for Cher
Won't even lend you an ear and even pretendin' to care
But I tell a bitch I'll marry her, chabarry her
Face on my genital area, the original Richard Ramirez
Christian Rivera, my lyrics never sit well so they want to give me the chair
Like a paraplegic, and it's scary, call it Harry Carry
'Cause every-time, I'm dicking hari-kari and marry a motherfuckin' dictionary
I'm swearin' up and down, like this shit I spit is hilarious
It's time to put these bitches in the obituary column
We wouldn't see eye to eye with a staring problem
Get the shaft out like a staring column
But you could have the packed heat
But it's black heat, half of the bad beats
Evil, that means take a back seat
Take it back to fat beats with a maxy single
Look at my rap sheets, what the tracks these people
This my gangster bitch like apache with the cat sheet jingle
I stack these chips, you barely got a half eaten Cheeto
Fill 'em with the venom, it'll eliminate 'em
In other words, I'm innovative
I don't want to hurt 'em but I did 'em in a fit of rage
I'm murderin' again, anybody willin'
I'm finna kill 'em and dump all the fuckin' bodies in a lake
Obliteratin' everything, incineratin' and 'Renegade' 'em
And that make anybody who wanna but the pen'll frame 'em
Don't nobody want it but they're gonna get it anyway
'Cause I'm beginnin' to feel like I'm mentally ill
I'm Atilla killer, I tell 'em kill or be killed
I'm kill the beat, the killer, vanilla gorilla, you're bringin' the killer
Within me, out of me, you don't want to be the enemy of the demon
Who went in me, or be recievin' enemy, what stupidity, it'd be
Every bit of me is the epitome of a spitter
When I'm in the vacinity, motherfucker, you better duck
Or you finna be dead the minute you run into me
A hundred percent of you is a fifth of a percent of me
I'm about to fuckin' finish you bitch, I'm about to fade up on you
In a battle, I'm available, I'm blowin' up like an inflatable
I'm undebatable, I'm unavoidable, I'm unevadable
I'm on the toilet bowl, I got a trailer full of money and I'm paid in full
I'm not afraid to pull the-
Man stop

Look what I'm plannin'

Oversættelse i Dansk af sangen
Godzilla af Eminem

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Het nummer "Godzilla" is geschreven door Juice WRLD, u200bd.a. got that dope, Luis Resto, Eminem e Alex Villasana. Mærkaten er "Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment e Interscope Records". Kan du lide sangen? Støt forfatterne og deres etiketter ved at købe den.


Godzilla: Oversættelser og tekster - Eminem
Et hip-hop-ikon, der startede som en underjordisk slagrapper i Detroit, Marshall “Eminem” Mathers (1972 - nu) har udviklet en karriere fuld af kontroverser, vilde gynger og nogle af de mest bemærkelsesværdige rap i genrenes historie.


Godzilla er den nye singel fra Eminem hentet fra albummet 'Music To Be Murdered By' offentliggjort den Torsdag 4 marts 2021.

Albummet er komponeret af 15 sange. Du kan klikke på sangene for at se de tilsvarende tekster og oversættelser:

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